SFM Replacement

SFM Replacement

Now that SFM is dead, what's next?

The End of Services for Mac (SFM): Evaluating Your SFM Replacement Options

Now that SFM is dead, you need to consider a number of questions with respect to deploying the appropriate Mac/Windows file sharing solution. These questions should include:

- Is it important to provide my Mac users with a level of IT service that is on par with other users in the organization?
- Would it be better to implement a server-side solution, or manage software on the individual Macs?
- How important is it to my end users that they maintain the "Mac experience" and be able to leverage the full functionality of the Mac OS?
- How will the solution I choose affect performance, migration of existing data, help desk call volumes and/or user satisfaction?
- What are my options, and what will they really cost me (TCO) to implement?

To help you begin to answer those questions for your organization, this section will provide a brief overview of each of your options. For a more complete overview, please contact Group Logic for a pre-sales technical consultation, or download the white paper Sharing Mac Files on Windows Servers.

Free White Paper: The End of Services for Mac (SFM).
This white paper details how to evaluate your replacement options for the now discontinued Services for Macintosh.

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